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Discover Kruse Glass & Aluminum’s latest masterpiece: the Williston Building, a luxurious condo complex designed for mature adults and independent seniors. Nestled in the scenic Harbour Landing area in southwest Regina, SK, the Williston Building offers a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style. As the exclusive supplier for all commercial glass and aluminum, Kruse Glass & Aluminum has elevated this project to new heights, reinforcing our status as industry leaders in quality and innovation.

  • Scope of Work: Kruse Glass & Aluminum was instrumental in shaping the Williston Building’s elegant appeal, covering over 60,000 square feet of glass and aluminum installations. Our work included everything from energy-efficient window systems to safety-focused balcony enclosures. With added features such as glare-reducing coatings and handrail systems, we ensured that residents enjoy both safety and sophistication.

  • Quality of Materials: At Kruse Glass & Aluminum, quality is our hallmark. For the Williston Building, we utilized premium, low-E glass to enhance energy efficiency, providing residents with a comfortable and cost-effective living environment. Our corrosion-resistant aluminum components are designed for long-lasting performance, meeting and exceeding industry standards. Residents of the Williston Building can take comfort in knowing that quality and durability are built into their homes.

  • Design Aspects: Kruse Glass & Aluminum takes pride in delivering cutting-edge design solutions that not only look beautiful but also serve functional purposes, particularly for the mature adults and independent seniors residing in the Williston Building. Our commercial glass and aluminum systems have been meticulously engineered to enhance both the building’s aesthetics and its residents’ quality of life. The commercial-grade aluminum used in common areas and entryways adds a sleek, modern touch while ensuring longevity and low maintenance—crucial factors for a senior living environment. The Williston Building, located in Regina’s picturesque Harbour Landing area, truly stands as a testament to how commercial glass and aluminum systems can elevate the design and functionality of specialized residential complexes.

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