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If your project has glass or doors, we’re into it. With two provinces, four locations and an impressive 120 years spent perfecting our skills, your next project isn’t just in good hands … it’s in good people.

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We’re a group of 70-100 workers who continue a Kruse tradition which started over 120 years ago! This means we’re big enough to do the work and old enough to know what we’re doing.

What do customers really like about Kruse Glass? … it’s the fact that our owners, managers, drafts people and fabricators will always be accessible, every day.

We know that on your end, the struggle is real and your wish-list will probably change during the course of a project. That’s why at the core of our company values, we’re designed to pivot with the customer.

To find a company with 120 years experience, amazing staff, great equipment AND a great attitude? …. That is The Sweet Spot!

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The Kruse business name originated in a rural farm town, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. A century has long passed since the company’s original ownership and services have adapted to the era we’re in.

One century old theme which remains is the company’s dedication to honorable conduct. Our commitment to hard work, honesty and continual learning has proven to be the best technique. It’s ensured that we stay at the front of our industry and has become a core value that’s essentially set in stone.

Today, our menu of modern solutions can envelope both Commercial Construction, Residential Construction and the Automotive market. This site really has a lot to explore ….

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