Project Overview

Hey Calgary, guess what? Kruse Glass & Aluminum is shaking things up at the Legacy Village Business Complex! We’re not just changing storefronts; we’re changing the game! Get ready for commercial spaces that will make you say ‘Wow!

  • Scope of Work: Imagine a world where storefronts aren’t just glass walls but eye-catching canvases that welcome everyone in! From sassy entrance doors to windows that wink at you, we’re reimagining the Legacy Village Business Complex in Calgary as the ultimate playground for businesses. It’s not just about building; it’s about creating an experience!

  • Quality of Materials: Okay, let’s talk shop—but only the good stuff! We’re using glass that’s not just a pretty face, but tough-as-nails too. And our aluminum? It could win a ‘best-dressed’ award for being corrosion-resistant and oh-so-easy on the eyes. We’re setting the bar high (literally and figuratively) so that Legacy Village is the place to be!

  • Design Aspects: Who says commercial spaces can’t be glamorous? We’re sprinkling a little design magic onto the Legacy Village Business Complex. Think natural light that dances through the rooms, and user-friendly spaces that make folks never want to leave. We’re turning ‘functional’ into ‘fabulous’ and setting a new trend for what commercial architecture can be.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Marketing Consultant Expert

Richard Madsen

Marketing Consultant Expert

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