Residential Doors

More than a hole with a lid! A great door allows you to create the exact feel YOU want for your home. To ensure that customers get what they want, Kruse Glass offers one-off, custom built door solutions.

Your size, your color, your glass, your hardware and your choice of colors and finishes. The Prestige brand which we sell & install are 100% about YOU. Built in western Canada. Loved by North America!

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Commercial and Residential Products

Main Entrance Doors

When we say custom-built, we actually mean it. Do you prefer Modern or Traditional styles? We’ll help you design a single or double door system suitable to your taste. We’ll help you understand your side light options (side area add-ons) and transom options (overhead glass) before you get to choose from the endless finish options available for both the inside and outside of the door! You’ve never had this much shopping control before!
Popular Options:

  • both Metal and Fiberglass doors
  • No-Limits on Solid Colours!
  • Rich Wood-Like finishes avail with fiberglass doors
  • made in western Canada

Aluminum Framed Bi-Fold Doors

Open up wide! Introduce your home to the great outdoors with a folding door system up to 10ft tall and 43ft wide! This door feature makes every place amazing and offers your home unfiltered access to the world outside!

  • Frame colours in black or white aluminum
  • Double or triple glazed glass
  • Note: We have large screen solutions so you can keep the bugs out too! Click here to learn more.
  • made in western Canada

Slider Door Systems

Slider doors up to 23ft wide! Kruse Glass will help you design the exact sliding door that’s perfect for your place.


  • choose from 26 exciting colours or rich, wood-like finishes
  • metal reinforced, PVC frames, and low maintenance
  • Double or triple glazed
  • built in western Canada
  • Add on: Integrated Min-Blind options available

PVC Framed Glass Doors

BIG, BRIGHT and soooo many options! This is where the brightness of a patio door and the durable characteristics of a hinge-style door collide! In addition to the huge array of customizable door sizes, these doors also share a frame profile perfectly matched to Prestige’s Tilt and Turn windows …. so these doors can have tilt and turn side lites too! With custom options like: integrated mini-blinds, integrated pet doors, solid panel inserts and multi-glass-panel options for each door, it’s safe to say that your choices are HUGE! And you haven’t even picked a color yet! These Prestige brand of doors are 100% custom built.

  • Choose from 26 exciting colours or rich, wood-like finishes
  • You can design each door over 40″ wide!
  • Metal reinforced frames, PVC construction, very low maintenance
  • double or triple glazed
  • built in western Canada

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