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Ceiling Systems

Roof glazing offers a safe, attractive and efficient solution while often reducing operational costs due to a lesser reliance on artificial light. A properly designed ceiling system not only provides an area with natural daylight, but can address the concerns of solar exposure and thermal insulation.

For many users, the added benefit of roof glazing is that the natural light often creates a sense of openness, vibrancy, cheerful ambiance and increases one’s sense of relaxation.

The structural supports for glass ceiling systems must be very robust. In addition to the concerns attributed with vertical glazing, additional attention must be given to the unique stresses endured by snow loads, wind loads, maintenance procedures, water weight, and the weight of the glass itself. When glass roofs are designed to be an accessible area for the intended users, they are generally treated like a glass floor. Laminated safety glass is often recommended for roof glazing, although toughened glass is sufficient for some overhead applications.

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Sun Shades

SunShades boast adaptable designs, offering a plethora of outriggers, louvers, and fascia caps that can be combined in various configurations. This versatility not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures optimal shading and energy efficiency.

These sunshading systems play a crucial role in harnessing natural daylight within buildings, diminishing reliance on artificial lighting. By regulating solar radiation, they effectively manage energy and heat influx, consequently minimizing the necessity for air conditioning. Moreover, they preserve visual connectivity with the exterior environment, thereby enhancing overall comfort perception.

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